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About Me

About Me

I am a birthkeeper, homeopath and herbalist specialising in women's wellbeing and peri-natal health. Empassioned by a recognition that the empowered feminine, are the foundation of nurturing families and communities, I have been supporting women's well-being, positive pregnancies and post-partum periods since 2007. Using homeopathy, herbal medicine, yoga and sacred bodywork and meditative practises, I am able to help bring optimum health and embodied connection. My insights as a birth keeper have enabled me to consolidate this vocation through a deeper understanding of women's bodies. I offer this work without judgement and with the intention to facilitate births that are transforming and dignified. Babies born in peaceful circumstances, to informed, conscious parents,  have the best chance of growing into healthy, secure, compassionate adults. This in turn leads to a more compassionate and interconnected culture, with a higher regard for the natural world and wider humanity. I am reverent of the polarity and majesty of entwined Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. I am strongly focused on facilitating my clients to engage with methods of self care and respectful community that can form the basis of ongoing reproductive, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

I also offer online consultations employing natural modalities for birth preparation, labour and post partum recovery .

Newborn baby's feet. A closeup with a candid appeal. The baby skin is african brazilian tone.
Green Plant
Pregnant belly
Father and Son
Mother and Baby
Mother and Baby in Autumn
Meditation by the Sea
Lesbian couple expecting a baby



Birth Support

Women who give birth in an environment where they feel safe, secure and in control, are more likely to labour comfortably and to remember their births positively. With its focus on physical signs and symptoms, this can sometimes be lost in the modern medical context. From  our sessions in preparation for birth through to the arrival of your baby, my focus is on viewing you as a person, in a holistic and responsive way. When your emotional well being and your intuitive responses are acknowledged, the physiology of the birthing process is well supported and empowered birthing is possible. My role is not to tell you 'how' to give birth but to help you conceptualise the best pathway for you and your baby; and then to help make that a reality.

Find out more about support during birth here

Using herbal medicine, homeopathy, bodywork, nutrition, massage and meditative practices, I can help you to prepare your mind and body for the momentous journey of childbirth and into motherhood.

The post-partum period is often overlooked as we focus on labour but I have found that nurturing the emotional and physical well-being of the new mother is an important foundation for a growing family. I offer bespoke post-natal packages intended to maximise convalescence and baby bonding in the first weeks of motherhood as well as natural treatment for infant health. Find out more about peri-natal health support here

Women's Well-being

Women's reproductive health responds particularly well to a holistic approach and nature is abundant with ways to bring women back to optimal health. I have experience with a number of different methods to address health issues from an individualised perspective. These include herbal and homeopathic medicines, naturopathic treatments, yoga and movement and ways of tapping into the wisdom of the body addressing trauma held there using the modalities of somatics and embodied movement.

I have experience of treating physical issues such as painful menses, infertility, infections, fibroids, symptoms of menopause and post partum problems like prolapse and poor bladder control. I also address the ways in which psychological trauma can be reflected in the body and how gentle awareness, meditative practices and lifestyle changes can help return us to health.


Contact Me

Vicky Walker BSc (hons) BA(hons) LCHE ITEC
07971 810697
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