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I provide continuous support throughout labour. I can suggest approaches that can help you achieve a positive and peaceful experience of  birth, faster healing for mother and the best possible start in life for your baby. Building towards this during pregnancy, we build a relationship so that I can respond to your unique needs and circumstances, maximise your coping strategies and bolster the areas that may need it.  I consider the entire birthing process to be a portal through which an empowering and unique transformation is possible for every single birthing person.


I am a recognised doula with Doula UK and a homeopath and herbalist with many years experience of treating women in the peri-natal period with a variety of natural methods. I am also qualified in holistic massage, nutritional therapy and a  post-natal modality called Closing the Bones.


My work is focused not on telling you how to birth your baby, or to take the place of your partner but to bring my experience without judgement and help you in whatever way best suits your needs. A peaceful, empowered birth can be a deep consolidation of all of our potential. It allows us to awaken a profoundly powerful aspect of ourselves which once awakened, is always there for us to tap into. It gives me great pleasure to facilitate this for women; however they envisage it.


I support every kind of birth - home births, water births, births in labour wards and birth centres. The magic of greeting a new life never loses it’s joy. My clients have experienced vaginal births with and without pain relief and some via C Section. I consider each birth to be sacred and I help women to maintain sacredness in a system which sometimes seems to have forgotten this. Supporting families through such a momentous part of life is a privilege that I honour very deeply.

Through meditation, deep relaxation and embodied practises, I can offer a chance to prepare for the birth of your child in a deeply engaged way that can help with the challenges of labour. I believe these skills can also form the foundation of your parenting and increase personal power in every area of your life.

What to expect as a Doula

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What to expect from me as a birth doula

During antenatal preparation


  • A thorough exploration of what ‘a good birth’ means to you.

  • Help with translating those wishes into a workable birth plan that I can advocate for you when the time comes.

  • Exploring any emotional, psychological or practical obstacles to a positive experience of birth.

  • Providing information in support of your personal circumstances.

  • Looking at the evidence base for particular practices and interventions.

  • Sharing information to empower you as you navigate maternity services.

  • Help envisioning and creating a beautiful environment for your home birth

  • Practicing strategies for optimal foetal positioning and positions for comfort and ease during labour.

  • Exploring ways in which your partner and I can support you physically during labour

  • Practising breathing techniques.

  • Meditation and deep relaxation practice.

  • Embodied practices to increase intuition and confidence for childbirth and motherhood.

  • Email and text support throughout our time together and for 6 weeks post-partum

  • I will be on-call to you from 10 days before your due date until you give birth.

During your labour and birth


  • Provide emotional, psychological and physical support.

  • Provide advocacy for your wishes as described in your birth plan.

  • Help prepare your home in cases of homebirth

  • Helping you maintain calm and peace via the strategies we practised in the antenatal period.

  • Offering natural interventions such as homeopathic remedies, essential oils, acupressure, massage and rebozo where indicated.

  • Assisting transfer to hospital in cases of hospital birth

  • Supporting you and your partner with information as needed during labour.

  • Maintaining a serene space for your introversion and communicating your wishes to medical staff if you wish.

  • Help you to establish skin-to-skin contact with your baby and initiate breastfeeding.

  • Administer homeopathic and herbal remedies where applicable to help with post-partum healing.

  • I will make post-natal visits to de-brief the birth and address any feeding or healing issues.

  • Closing the Bones post-partum treatment.  

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