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I offer consultations on-line via zoom

In an initial in-depth consultation lasting around 75 minutes, we will explore your symptoms and life experiences as well as your medical and genetic  history to help understand you as a whole person.

Your answers will help me decide on the most appropriate remedy to help your circumstances

Follow-up appointments last around 45-60 minutes every 4-8 weeks

You may need a series of remedies to fully resolve the condition

Acute illness can be treated in a few hours or days whereas chronic disorders can take a few months depending on severity and duration of illness. 

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine which triggers the innate healing abilities in the body to bring about a gentle and permanent resolution to ill health. It has a beautiful capacity to restore optimum physical, emotional and psychological health and does so without creating harmful side effects. Homeopathic remedies are made from plants, minerals and other substances found in nature. They are carefully created to gently trigger the body’s immunity and as such they are  affordable, sustainable and ethical.


In an era when many people are turning away from the conventional medicine and it’s focus on removing symptoms, homeopathy looks at you as a whole person and seeks to understand the deeper origins of your health problems. This means that when the right remedy is prescribed, you can begin to move towards true vitality without the need for medication to keep you well.


The World Health Organisation estimates there to be around half a billion users of Homeopathy worldwide, 300 million of these in Europe alone. Homeopathy is incorporated into the  treatment strategies of most European countries as well as those in India, South Africa and South America. Homeopathy is therefore the second most popular system of medicine in the world. (WHO 2005).


Homeopathy is a particularly good choice for treating infants and young children because it has none of the ongoing health implications of medications like steroids or antibiotics. It can however be taken in conjunction with conventional treatments and in some cases can be used to help heal side effects created by them.


I can support women on the journey from pre-conception through pregnancy to help them resolve physical problems, fears or residual issues, helping them to arrive at parenthood in their best possible shape. Research* has shown that women who use homeopathy in pregnancy report fewer complications, need less intervention and have shorter labours. This has also been my experience. It is also an excellent way of restoring the body after giving birth.

Many of my clients experience the benefits of homeopathy for the first time during pregnancy or labour and then go on to make it central to the ongoing health of their families.


Homeopathy can work very well in conjunction with the other modalities I offer such as herbal medicine including herbal vaginal steams, embodied awareness practices and bodywork.

*P. Dorfman, M.N. Lasserre, M. and Tetau, "Preparation a l'accouchement par Homeopathie: Experimentation en double-insu versus Placebo," Cahiers de Biotherapie, April 1987, 94:77-81

Initial consultation £90

Follow-up appointments £80

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