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"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

for walking my path with me and helping me create the most precious environment from which I was able to birth Barney. I can't begin to express how 'backed-up' I felt in the lead up to the birth, knowing I had a wise goddess to support me. I was proud of our relationship and my choices. Your intuition was spot on, your words were few but wise. You have given me memories I will hold forever of the most mindful and beautiful birthing."

           Madeleine Lustigman


"Vicky, you were fantastic!

"In the run-up to the birth Vicky was incredibly supportive and drew on her knowledge and expertise as a homeopath and nutritionist which is exactly what I wanted. She is sympathetic, attentive, positive and learned and I greatly appreciated and valued her support. She was incredibly respectful of my wishes and played a huge role in creating and maintaining a calm, sacred space."

               Angie Litvinoff

"When I was pregnant with my first daughter I started researching ways of giving birth and I came across the concept of 'doula'. That's how I met Vicky.  Before then I thought labour ward, pain relief and doctor's interventions were just part of any birthing experience. During my first meeting with Vicky I started to feel strong, positive and to believe that I could own the birth of my daughter. I immediately noticed that Vicky was knowledgeable and experienced and she had such a gentle and open mind, an aura about her, that choosing her as my doula felt like a natural thing to do. My husband, despite initial concerns about the role of a doula, also clicked with her right away. Little I knew about the impact that this choice was going to have on my life! 

My first daughter was born at the Homerton birth centre. When my water broke I felt happy, ready and empowered. Having Vicky by my side made me feel safe, she was able to speak with the hospital staff and voiced my wishes in the most calm and effective way. I would have been transferred to the labour ward but she helped speed my contractions with natural remedies and gave me strength during transition. 

My second daughter came three years later, I was 6 days overdue and started to feel a little nervous about a potential induction. Vicky came to see me for a Yoga nidra session and when she helped me relax and connect with my baby my water broke and a rush of pure joy stayed with me throughout a quick and powerful home birth. 

I thank Vicky for being the amazing and knowledgeable person she is and for taking care of me before, during and after birth. Even after weeks and sometimes months she has been able to help and support with natural remedies for my daughters. "

Giuliana Fiorani

"Vicky was totally brilliant.

She enabled me to have the birth I wanted she was encouraging and confident without being bossy and guided me ina gentle but firm way. I felt able to lean on her physically and emotionally and she helped us make decisions. Her empathy and kindness were really supportive and made me feel understood. Her breastfeeding support was also invaluable."

Jenni Stone

"From our very first meeting, I knew that Vicky was the right doula for me.

She exuded an aura of friendliness, warmth and calmness and we hit if off straightaway. What also made her stand out was that she offers homeopathy, rebozo, massage therapy and various other natural treatments throughout the pregnancy period.

Vicky met up with me regularly through the pregnancy, during which time she helped with my birth plan, birthing positions, breathing techniques. All of which helped me bond well with her. She is extremely knowledgable and experienced, having been there for so many births, and this was a great source of comfort for me

Having Vicky by my side throughout  my labour made a huge difference and really helped me get through the pain and stress barrier – she gave me just the right amount of (emotional and general) support, reassurance, motivation and comfort. She was simply fantastic. She turned my birth experience into one of the most positive experiences of my life. Vicky helped me believe in myself and I managed to give birth completely naturally and without any significant medical intervention. Because of this, I can actually put this birth down as one of the greatest accomplishments of my life."


                   Divya Mehta Shah

"As soon as we met Vicky my partner and I felt we clicked.

She has a gentle but quietly authoritative manner. Naturally she has her opinions on everything related to labour/ birth but she never forced them on us; when we were weighing up certain decisions she simply helped us access information and always encouraged us to decide for ourselves. 


From the moment she became our doula we felt supported - Vicky always answered our questions from afar and was very patient with our questions when we had our meet ups prior to labour and as we got more and more nervous! She also offered some really helpful physical support in the shape of rebozo and showing me certain exercises to practise to help the baby get into position.


Vicky wasn’t there for the labour/ birth as the baby ended up coming much quicker than we expected but she offered post natal support instead and really went beyond the call of duty for us - coming to visit several times over the next 6 months. 


It’s surprising how little interest there is in from the NHS in the physical state of new mothers and Vicky was careful to discuss how I was- and get me to think about how I was - every time we met up. She provided some amazing post natal massage and the closing the bones ceremony in our tiny little flat! 


Vicky really cares about women’s experiences of giving birth - aware of what a momentous experience it is for every single one of us who goes through it - and we were pleased to have her with us on our journey into parenthood."


                  Kate Griffiths

“I wanted a Doula for the birth of our first child together, but my husband ruled it out saying he didn’t want a ‘stranger’ present at the birth.

As it was my first pregnancy, I decided to ‘go with the flow’, yet my lack of awareness about the intricacies of birth, especially my birth rights, meant I was fearful and disempowered during labour. When we fell pregnant again over two years later, my husband and I both agreed that working with a Doula would be a good idea.


I am so glad I came across Vicky’s kind face in an online search. Seconds after meeting her in person, I knew she would be present at the birth of our baby, empowering and supporting me every step of the way.


Nothing was too much for Vicky during the run up to our daughter’s birth. She provided a kind ear, a warm heart and tonnes of great, practical advice that saw me approach birth with confidence and excitement.


She gave me a beautiful treatment a month or so before my due date where she brought all kinds of wonderful items, including affirmations and a homeopathic remedy, that were all geared to preparing me for the birth I wanted.

On the night I went into labour, things moved much quicker than expected - with just 90 minutes of established labour (and not much forewarning of that!). We had to call an ambulance, as our baby’s head was already starting to show as I was making my way down the stairs! Vicky arrived at the same time as the ambulance and hers the voice I tuned into most during Tegan’s birth. Her calm dulcet tones of pure love and encouragement helped me feel strong and empowered at every stage - especially as I was having an unexpected home birth, with 4 paramedics present. Our baby was born safely and Vicky came with us to the hospital to ensure that all was well as I went on to deliver the placenta.

I can’t thank Vicky enough for bringing such wonderful female energy and wisdom to my pregnancy, daughter’s birth, and beyond when I was struggling to breastfeed.

I would recommend working with a Doula to anyone who wants to feel completely empowered during their pregnancy and birth. It was one of the best decisions we made, and I only wish I had stuck to my guns the first time round.”  

                      Rosie Cuff.

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