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Vaginal Steaming for Reproductive Health

Evidence of vaginal steaming is present in  the historical legacies of various cultures. Throughout Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and the Middle East there are traditions of using herbal blends mediated by steam transmission for female health. Like many birth practices, it is thought that the west lost connection with the benefits of such practices but now they are coming back into awareness.


The mucosal tissues of the vagina are particularly receptive to absorbing herbal steam where they are readily introduced to the bloodstream locally for optimal benefit to the tissues. The properties of various herbs can therefore be utilised to bring about healing to reproductive organs and to improve the circulation, tone and healing of this part of the body.

Vaginal Steaming is a useful treatment for a number of female health conditions. It helps address painful periods and incomplete menstrual elimination so that uterine lining sheds more efficiently, with less pain and more regular cycles. It can help persistent UTIs, Candida overgrowth and Bacterial Vaginosis as well as non-specific excess vaginal mucus and the implications of these on fertility. Steaming can also address the many complicated symptoms of menopause including vaginal dryness, low libido and hot flashes.


Steaming helps to induce calm relaxed states which put us into closer connection with the deeper symbolism of the pelvis and its relationship with our sense of self and creativity. In my experience I have seen clients find deep healing from trauma held and a greater sense of connection with the pelvis.


I offer a completely customised approach to steaming within your home. My steam plans are based on bespoke organic herbal blends, perfectly designed to support your unique constitution, symptoms, emotional and physical history.  Steaming boxes are available to hire or buy.


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