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Peri-natal Natural Therapies

Peri-natal Services

I have experience of supporting clients through a variety of

peri-natal challenges including:



Menstrual problems



Fear of childbirth

Birth trauma

Morning Sickness

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Pregnancy aches and pains

Leg cramps

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Gestational Diabetes


Hyper Hydramnios


Postpartum infections

Perineum healing

Diastasis recti

Infant feeding issues

Post partum depletion

My work in this area involves promoting, restoring and maintaining health using natural modalities. Drawing from my training in homeopathy, herbalism, nutrition and bodywork, I specialise in promoting optimal health throughout the spectrum of pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal healing. Self-care is paramount as we begin to maximise control and belief in our bodies and I place a great emphasis on teaching women basic tools for looking after and understanding their own bodies.  

I have a passion for the transformative power women hold within their bodies, and for supporting this physically, emotionally and spiritually. Women who have birthed ‘well’, however they perceive that, are invested with a power and self-belief that they carry forward in their lives.


I offer a bespoke programme of care for women during pregnancy to minimise pregnancy ailments and help the body and the mind deal with the particular challenges of growing a new person.


During labour I offer continuous support with strategies for physical, emotional and informational empowerment. I can also remind you of your awesome capacity when you may have forgotten it is there. You can read more about my doula services here.

In the post-partum phase I can support the recovery process with a bespoke programme of care. A woman who is well-supported in her recuperation from birth is best placed to be a responsive and happy mother. To this end, we can work together to create a space where your physical, emotional and psychological health is prioritised at a time when it easy to get lost in caring for your baby. I can also help you to work towards a holistic and responsive way of dealing with infant sleep which optimises your and your baby's psychological well-being.


Employing the benefits of naturopathic modalities including homeopathy, herbal medicine, post partum bodywork, vaginal steaming and restorative relaxation work. I can help you to navigate those early days of parenthood . I am trained to perform the beautiful ‘Closing the Bones’ post-natal massage which is intended to help restore integrity to the pelvis, hips and abdominal organs after giving birth and establish tone and elasticity to the musculature and overlying tissues.

I also see it as a way of restoring women to the gifts of ceremony sadly missing from our western lifestyles.

Peri-natal Packages available

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