Birth Packages​

Birth Support Package 


3 Ante natal sessions

Exploration of birth wishes
Formation of birth preferences plan

Meditation and breath practices

De briefing previous births

Optimising foetal positioning

Yoga nidra for birth 

Developing coping strategies for labour

24 hour on-call from 10 days before due date

2  Post natal sessions

Natural treatment for immediate post partum recovery

Herbs for perineum care

Post partum massage



Post Natal Recovery Packages

Five or ten 2-hour bespoke post natal sessions

Massage and body work for pelvis and abdominal restoration

Perineal care herbs

Herbal baths

Vaginal steaming

Homeopathic remedies for healing, breast health and well-being

Oral Herbals

Deep relaxation through yoga Nidra

Oil infusions

Sacred bodywork

Closing the Bones post partum treatment

Birth de brief sessions

(10% reduction for birth clients)

5 sessions £450

10 sessions £875

Full Spectrum Peri-natal Package


6 Ante natal Sessions

Birth physiology education

Exploration of birth wishes and limiting beliefs
Formation of birth preferences plan

Relaxation sessions and fear release

Meditation and breathing techniques

De briefing previous births

Optimising foetal positioning

Embodied practices for birth preparation

Yoga nidra for birth

Developing coping strategies for labour

24 hour on-call from 10 days before due date

6 Post partum sessions

'Closing the Bones' post partum treatment

Post partum Vaginal Steaming

Post partum massage

All herbs, homeopathic remedies, infused or essential oils for post partum recovery

Six weeks post partum support via text and email


Mother and Child Treatment

Natural treatment packages for early months

Mother's healing and recuperation 

Infant teething and digestive support

Common childhood illnesses
Home visits

Supporting the mother/child dyad with gentle treatment to optimise natural immunity, feeding and bonding.

£70/£50 follow-up

Closing the Bones


Deeply healing post partum treatment restoring integrity to the abdominal organs, draining excess fluids, stimulating abdominal lymphatic drainage and supporting the structure of the pelvis and ribcage.

Brings emotional closure to the birthing process

Available as stand alone or series of three, five or ten sessions


(by donation for low-income)

Vaginal Steaming

Bespoke blend of therapeutic herbs

Encourages healing,

Strengthens Uterine tone,

Aids elasticity and integrity of vaginal and perineal tissues

Encourages efficient drainage of uterine contents post birth

Optimises ongoing menstrual and reproductive health

Strengthens and tones pelvic floor

Prevents and heals perineal infections

Aids post partum weight loss

Can be combined with massage 

Includes bespoke herbs and lone of steam stool

Stand alone or packages of  5 or 10 sessions.

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